Hello my name is Ralph

I am an exotic car paint specialist that’s  worked on 1000’s of cars starting in 1988 with exotic cars and motorcycles being my primary area of expertise since 2003. I love what I do and never considered it a job as most people are lucky to catch a photo or glimpse of the vehicles I get to play with on a daily basis. Along with building some of the most sought after hot rods in the world i’ve painted for Warner bro. going as far back as 2004 and have built a client list that would even impress the Oscars.

I’ve  worked all over the US going as far as Miami to paint high end vehicles for many many shops and the one question I hear at almost every shop i’ve worked with is “Can you recommend any good body men,Painters,preppers or detailers???”

There has never been one place to go  just to find people like us ………..until now